Publisher description

Inlocate is a localization environment for software developers of multilingual Windows software applications. Inlocate supports unicode, thus it could manage all languages. Moreover, it is the ideal addon for all Resource Editors and Translation Memory Systems. It consists of a Studio application which guides the user through the localization process, an WYSIWYG editor to create translations and adapt the layout of the user interface and a redistributable runtime. Feature list: * Multi-language abilities for any Windows application (no source code required). * RapidSwitching-technology to immediately switch languages and layout at runtime. * WYSIWYG-editor to resize GUI easily. * Language editor for easy and convenient software localization. * All the translation work can be done working with only one “.tra”-file per language (covering all components). * Unicode support. * Fully developed assistance functions to support the localization process. * Programming library to customize localization. * Ex-/Import to/from XML format of the translation files. * Enhanced support of new MFC 7 controls * Merging of two single-language versions of one application into one multi-lingual version application is done automatically. * Runtime module for distributing localized application. * No performance loss. * Step-by-step wizard to create initial localisation.

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